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Consultation: $90.

Session: $150.

Discount: 3 sessions for $360

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Why do an online session? The reason is being in the comfort of your own home enables you to fully relax, while still achieving the

What’s important to you? Life coaching helps you find the right balance between personal life, work, and relationships. What key areas of your life are

Because we need food to nourish and fuel the body every day. Food and weight issues are often an area that can become problematic. This

Procrastination, lack of direction and low self esteem? These certainly have a significant effect on our everyday life and our relationships. Had enough of talking

Struggling to let go of habits or addictions that are taking over your life? Have you tried to give up or let go with little success?

Ready to find your source of well being. Increase energy and zest for life? Take on challenges or cope better with changes? No matter how

Anxiety, stress and depression lock us into an overthinking state of mind. These cause us to avoid things we love to do and isolate ourselves.

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