How hard is it in today’s world to take a few moments of reflection allowing the mind to settle and become clear? It’s an impossible task for most of us because
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I am not the voice in my head.
Where do the thoughts come from? The voice in our heads dialogue is constant and repetitive. The thoughts come in without us making any effort consciously and then we listen
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Choose your direction
You can’t go back and change things, we all make mistakes, bad choices, take the wrong path at times. But we can learn and accept this as part of our
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Anxiety triggers alone or social
Is anxiety something that is there all the time, or is it especially active when alone or in social situations? Asking this question to yourself can help you to understand
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Are your own worst critic.
Pay Attention to the inner critic. Do you believe this to be true for you? If you aren’t sure, take a day or two and pay attention to the voice
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Stress busters
Life is not always straight forward. We do our best to deal with unexpected situations and challenging events in our lives. However, research shows that prolonged stress and anxiety can reduce
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